Wake Up Australia

image Unfortunately only about 50 % of Australians realize we have a constitution let alone realise that the false government registered in Washington DC fails to recognize our constitution why ? Because our constitution guarantees our freedom and it is not there interest because they give us empty freedom that is worthless.  Because they can make there statutory laws which are laws of commerse not common law which protects we the people. Why don’t our schools teach the Constitution of Australia?  This is a fundamental right of every man woman and child in Australia yet it’s kept hidden from us. It’s time we stood up and demand the Government makes us aware of this document not cower and hide from it because it is our power not there’s if they do and they won’t for the simple reason they don’t want you to know that because under the Constitution we hold the power over them they will resist it because they have created the illusion that they hold the power because they know what’s best for us bollocks I say. What has happened to our police force did they not take an oath to protect the rights of the people yet they have been brainwashed and basically made collectors of revenue for the corporation. It’s time we woke up and took back what was never there’s to take from us

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