Wake Up Australia. . Victorian Police officer comments on Fines

Traffic Fines Parking Fines Why pay them ?

  This is the oath of  the Victoria Police
as per Imperial Acts under Police Regulation Statute Act 1873 First Schedule, the Police Regulation Act 1890 Second Schedule and Confirmed by Police Regulation Act 1958 – Second Schedule 3

“ I swear by Almighty God that I will well and truly serve our Sovereign Lady the Queen as a member of the Police Force of Victoria in such capacity as I may be hereafter appointed, promoted, or reduced to without favour or affection malice or ill-will for the period of from this date, and until I am legally discharged; that I will see and cause Her Majesty’s peace to be kept and preserved; and that I will prevent to the best of my power all offences against the same, and that while I shall continue to be a member of the Police Force of Victoria I will to the best of my skill and knowledge discharge all the duties legally imposed upon me faithfully and according to law.”

From the Police Statute Act 1873 and the Police Regulation Act 1890, a Police officer’s contract with the Queen to which I cannot locate under the Police Regulations Act 1958:

Section 12.  “Every person who has taken and subscribed such oath shall be taken to have, from the day on which such oath shall have been oath equivalent taken and subscribed, thereby entered into a written agreement with, and shall be thereby bound to serve Her Majesty as a member of the force, and in whatsoever capacity he may be hereinafter required to serve, and at the current rate of pay of any rank to which he may be appointed or reduced until legally discharged.

Question: Where is a Police Officer’s Oath and Contract to any Parliament?

OK notice in the oath of office whom the police officer swears there oath to
Queen Elizabeth 11 and her laws which is basically common law not statute law what’s the difference I hear you ask ?

Basically common law came from the magna carta http://magnacarta800th.com/history-of-the-magna-carta/
This document is over 800 years old and is the basis of common law.
Common law basically is you do not harm others by your actions to a natural living person and uphold the Sovereign laws.
Statute Law us basically laws passed from parliament … First problem here is if parliament is the one registered in the UNITED STATES WITH THE SECURITIES AND EXCHANGE COMMISSION IN WASHINGTON DC then basically the laws are from this corporation and not the De jure Parliament of the Commonwealth of Australia as per the Constitution of Australia act 1901 . The corporate version of the fake Government is written like such COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, GOVERNMENT OF AUSTRALIA , PARLIAMENT OF AUSTRALIA they are all in Capps which is the first giveaway that your really dealing with a corporation which is why the corporation uses the police to raise money for the corporation not the de jure government.

So next time you get pulled over ask the cop if he rememberes he swore an oath to the Queen and does he intend to act within that oath if he does remind him that under common law there us no fines and this is the law he swore to uphold

Great reading below by an X Victoria Police officer



  1. isn’t it amazing how ubiquitous the use of the five pointed star is around the world? How many law enforcement agencies, how many governments, how many corporations and how many cults have all latched onto this particular symbol….. That would be one extensive study indeed. I like you blog. Since you’re an Ozzie, do you know much about symbolism embedded into the layout/architecture of Canberra, similar to Washington D.C.? Just curious….


    1. Thanks for your comment it’s good to know there are others out there awake. And I agree 5 pointed stars have been used by so many throughout time even beyond Solomon. I’m extremely aware of symbolism conserving Washington DC but I’m probably ignorant to the fact that Canberra has, as this evolves the other love of my life New World Order please let me know anything regarding the layout of Canberra cheers


      1. well, I’m still looking into it, but it’s something I’ve heard about from several sources now. (apparently the capitols of most Western governments are rife with masonic/occult symbolism, but D.C. has probably been explored more than the rest, because it’s so obvious) I let you know about whatever evidence I might come across…


      2. Thanks for that …..man u have a brilliant blog going looking forward to tonight so I can kick back and read a few pages …. looking forward to hearing back from you when you Check Canberra out


      3. Managed to find a few interesting resources:


        The main feature which I think is the most obvious is house the parliament building basically lands smack dab in the center of what would be the “eye” of the illuminati pyramid. I think there are probably a lot more subtler things embedded in there, but it would probably take a long time to cull them all out. (it’s the same thing with D.C., I’m still learning about new things encoded in the streets/landmarks there all the time, it’s crazy…)

        Also, as I was google searching, I also remembered that a while back I read about this new wing of the Children’s Hospital in Melbourne which is uncannily shaped like the Masonic Square and Compass. It’s super hard to find anything about it online, but I did track down this short article:


        plus, if you go to google maps and look for it, it’s plain as day:


        Pretty creepy… Cheers mate.


      4. Ok thanks I’m still flicking between your page and the link you sent I’ll be investigating the royal children’s hospital. It’s funny you mentioned that 2 days ago I was in the city and drove past the new one looked at the hole in the ground where the old one was thought why build a new one … reminded me of Denver airport as they built a new airport with a perfectly good one that was closer to Denver I guess they couldn’t couldn’t build a city under the old one as they have in the new. That place is so full of symbols.


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