Little Partys Thinking Big 

Story Saturday 3rd December 

Saturday Herald Sun

By Laurie Oaks Australias premier political  commentator.

Excerpt  from article 

By David Colangelo 

3 12 16

There is currently a unprecedented numbers of Australians that have had enough of not being represented not only from a party level in Canberra but also by there local member of Parliament. The gig is up the old establishment system is broken and belongs to a different era in politics power is now moving back where it belongs to the people not just here in Australia this is a phenomenon encompassing world politics. The old Establishment system that decided it was in the peoples best interest to have there power eroded over time and transfered to the politicians. Therein lies there arrogance to You to all of US. 

No we must begin to recognize the one thing that  unites us … Australia or nation a nation of people from all courners of the earth its now time to remove the divisions placed between us for the entertainment of elite puppet masters bent on controling us through fear remove the divisions and embrace the one thing that unites us Australia


David Colangelo 

Join us in this new era in politics 

Australian People’s Party 

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