President Elect Donald Trump Has Mainstream Media Absolutely #Tweeted

Friday 9th December 2016

David Colangelo 

US President Elect Donald Trump has effectively made the mainstream media irrelevant and has stopped the media barons ability of setting the presidential media agenda through his use of tweets. Donald Trump use of social media has made him the first President Elect and im betting the first US President to use social media to set his agenda and tell us what  he wishes to dicuss rather than presidents before him who relied on mainstream media to set there agenda. This left the media in general to embellish the storys however  they wished and how it fitted into there own agenda leaving past president’s in a lame duck position at times because the media had basic control. 

Whereas through his tweets Donald Trump  short circuits the mainstream media controling what he wishes to convey and therefore renders them irrelevant. Of course the people have now become the winners as for the first time in history we actually are able to read the thoughts directly from The President himself good bad or indifferent.

Never before have the public been able to feel how there president is feeling in real time. The general public have never before been able to feel the  actual mood of the president be involved in his decision making or even have the president’s actual words unedited. Outgoing President Obama’s attempted tweets but they always looked manufactured (done by staff) Hillary Clinton really couldn’t embrace it really at all the reason for this is because they only understood the way it had always been in the past agenda set by the media ABC would interpret it different to Fox, CNN would have there interpretation same NBC etc . The public would only receive there preferred news networks biased opinion. 

The Don will be the first President to tweet his own views his own news the way he wants to totally unbridled from network bias. As a follower of Donald Trumps twitter its (once you remove the trolls) always a good read and bizarre to be able to feel so involved in his world and the presidency .

Great work Mr President Elect 
The Australian People’s Party a Voice For Every Australian 


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