War on Drugs

The war on drugs is being lost by the Government in reality its a unwinable war that has cost Australians billions over the past 25 years and the result is a massive drug problem which spirals to new heights year by year it has failed to stem the drug supply on our streets and the only winners have been those who supply and manufacture illicit drugs these guys are making billions.

How do we turn this around once and for all. I propose and if elected will lobby the Government to de-criminalise most offences and shifting the focus to illicit drugs being a health issue rather than a criminal one. Those caught in the drug cycle will be able to obtain the correct medical treatment to treat there drug  issues.  My plan would also include legalization of marijuana the taxes collected from this would fund the costs of treating drug uses. By legalizing drugs it removes the criminal elements there profits would shrink therefore making less lucrative for the cartels and those who supply and manufacture illicit drugs. Another immediate effect would be to free up the resources of our police departments and our clogged courts the monetary savings here would be enormous. The current system is broken and is a total drain on the public pocket and a huge drain on resources. Has it stopped drugs ? NO are criminals making obscene profits ? YES Are our courts clogged due to how we currently address the drug issue ? YES  Are our Policeing resources better spent doing other things ? YES. We need to take drastic measures we need to address the issue with a whole new outlook. We need to put a plan into place that finally works. I invite your comments

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  1. Hi David, Good article. I have some thoughts on the trafficking, supply, & dealing of drugs in Australia. You dont have to agree, yet please consider the reasons I give. I think the govt is supplying drugs for the following reasons: 1. One of our candidates advised NSW govt of a drug dealing activity and within 3 weeks the police told him they were no longer pursuing it. 2. I have had parents tell me police have approached their teenage children to sell drugs. 3. The only social media evidence of drug supply are public allegations that the govt is dealing. 4. The public is not identifying on social media any citizens or citizen groups dealing drugs. 5. When the govt and corporate media advise of drug trafficking and supply, they never identify any citizens or citizen groups, and never publically investigate drug dealing, or say they’re investigating. 6. There are very few, if any, govt court prosecutions of major citizen drug traffickers or dealers. 7. I have been told several times the govt supplies drugs to Aboriginal communities to keep them oppressed. 8. The prisons are used for small time drug users, not dealers, traffickers and suppliers…so its a business for the govt.

    Just a few thoughts from me.

    Teresa van Lieshout australianpeoplesparty.net Mobile: 0400409771 ________________________________


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