Hi thanks for stumbling across our blog Wake Up Australia …. Why is it here and what’s it all about ?

My name is David I’m 47 happily married with a fantastic wife and 2 great kids.  Over the past 25 years I have been observing our so called freedom and rights have been slowly taken from  people by governments promoting freedom and fair rights but doing the exact opposite.

Now as I’m getting older I’m beginning to realise why we were never taught our constitution even today only 50% of Australians realise we have one but 90 % of Australians have heard of the American Constitution.  The Australian Constitution teaches us that our rights are bestowed upon us by our creator not government our constitution is based upon the principles of Government for we the people.

Our nation in 1901 based on the Constitution is “The  Government of The Commonwealth of Australia or parliament is ” The Parliament of The Commonwealth of Australia” both  written in normal English.  As you probably notice now it’s changed its now written COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA OR THE AUSTRALIAN PARLIAMENT etc in capital letters why? Quick and simple answer is that’s how you write a corporation name in capital letters . Even more shocking is the point that these names in capital letters are registered in the securities and exchange commission Washington DC. . Yep even with shareholders and reports.  The other big fraud is our crest has also been changed to the current emu and kangaroo crest and is copyright in the United States.

Follow me on this point ….. ok we have the de jure Commonwealth of Australia and COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA so what’s the problem you say ? They just changed the name?

Unfortunately without agreement from the States first and then a referendum to the Australian voters and as neither has taken place it therefore can only one thing in the absence of a referendum taking place there is 2 Government’s unfortunately the Government of we the people the lawful and De jure government has been usurped by a COPRATE ENTITY and as a corporation trades under a whole different set of laws the laws of commerse not common law as is  our constitutional right. This in itself opens a pandoras box on validity of fines ie how can a Police officer who through there oath swears allegiance to the Sovereign Queen Elizabeth 11 and to uphold common law basically in a nut shell the traffic offence is an act of treason.

I reall hope we get you to open your mind these are not conspiracy theories these are facts . Have a great free day







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