Australian People’s Party

Open Letter To Voter’s In The Federal Seat Of Casey.

Hello to ALL voters in the Federal seat of Casey  regardless of which party you currently support we will listen to everyone as finally you have real choice real support and a Federal candidate who pledges to represent you the people that should matter but sadly feel left behind.

My name is David Colangelo im 50 years young ive been married to my adorable wife Suzanne for 25 years and we share 2 wonderful teenagers Sarah and Sam. My family have lived in the Lilydale and Coldstream areas for over 100 years i have lived in Lilydale Vic for over 40 years.

My grandfather (Jim Ciccone) was a respected local business owner ranging from one of the finest local cafes to an extremely successful Real Estate agencie both were in Lilydale he was very well know to both the  local Italian community and also on his adopted wider Australian community .

My path has taken me in many directions from successful Real Estate consultant Auctioneer running and managing franchise vehicle sales  departments ive been self employed and am currently involved in the Transport industry. Ive been absolutely flat broke to living a comfortable life ive struggled like most at times but i have always met any challenge full on and in most cases climbed the required mountians life tends to throw at us through shear determination and persistance at the task required. So whats different between the Australian People’s Party and the establishment party’s?

The Australian People’s Party represents and is a true voice for you the ones who should hold the power the real power is people and the people who we have intrusted to be our voices that the born to rule establishment politicians have left behind and forgotten in there power games and faction fighting they have become to busy watching there backs to bother about yours let alone govern. Recent history shows us the absolute contempt they actually have for office since when was right of the Australian People to choose a leader been given to faceless back room dealers to remove and replace the sitting Prime Minister for one they favor i guess you probably expect me to believe without strings attached as well.

Things need to change and they need to change now the people of Australia need to claim back  what was always supposed to belong to us all not just the old send them a message  but major shift to a movement filled with real people that understand real peoples issues and fears but have decided that now is the time stand up for all of us that have been forgotten a movement that will govern for all people of Australia.  That will implement policy that benefits every Australian regardless of who they may have voted for previously  or now we are in this together enough division as this division has been created to benefit  those who crave and expect power  because they have been using division on the people as a weapon to retain there grip on power they know but we have forgotton united we stand divided we fall. The time for division is over regardless of race or religion straight or gay respect the laws of the land and rights of your fellow man and you will always be welcome on these shores. Imagine what could be achieved by removing divisions so regardless of who we are or where we come from we can move our country forward sharing or prosperity and our freedoms our dreams.

Every person in Australia has a stake in a new direction a new era in politics. Over the past decade the 2 major parties have become so similar regardless on which one you elected nothing changed because the only thing thats different about them is one wears red and one wears blue that all folks they will always sell you out when it comes to preference deals that never benefit the people that actually matter YOU .

The Australian People’s Party is different we understand the faith and trust that  is bestowed on politicians through your vote and will no longer be taken for granted. We understand we are here to govern on YOUR behalf to represent and carry out YOUR wishes to the best of our ability. Ask yourself what has either of the establishment partys really done anything to represented YOU rather than  there faltering grip on the power these politicians believe they actually have totally ignorant to the people that have the power you, us we the people. Its time to stop the rot its time to get Australia moving in a whole new direction with new leaders with a fresh approach that will benefit the people now and into the future. During the next federal election the people regain there voices by removing those that cause division to perpetually divide and conquer the Australian public or stand with us The Australian People’s Party so we can stand for you.

Please feel free to coment and to share your ideas and views in the comments section. Enjoy your new found voice as you may have been forgotten in the past but we value your voice as your voice is your vote make it count on election day. Allow us the privilege of working together with you we are listening

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For all the forgotten Australians